Have you ever wondered who would want to live in a tiny house? Let’s face it most people have so much stuff they could not dream of living tiny with minimal possessions. Well it may surprise you to know that there is a growing number of people not only interested in tiny house living but also making the change to living in a tiny house.
There is no one uniform reason why people are choosing to acquaint themselves with tiny houses and it could range from necessity where people need to get a roof over their heads, to escape the rental housing, to escape the rate race of working to pay off a large mortgage, to downsize from a larger home, to create an additional income stream on their property, to provide accommodation for a relative or friend, to live a more transient lifestyle, to reduce their possessions, to reduce expenses so they can spend more time travelling, and to live more in harmony with the environment. The smaller your housing footprint is also equates to less possessions and a smaller ecological footprint.

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for those looking to live in a tiny house. When I launched my tiny house in July I had a 14yo boy tell me how he wanted to build his own tiny home and I have spoken with a couple in their 70s talking to me about wanting to downsize but not wanting to move off their property.
Interest in tiny house living expressed to me at my tiny house open days and sustainable living festivals has allowed me to hear firsthand who the tiny house market is for. And it includes, single people of all ages and walks of life wanting to live independently, young couples wanting to get a start in life together, young families wanting to raise their children with greater connection to the land, older couples wanting to reduce their expenses as they age, and those with an adventurous spirit who want to shun the traditional housing model and develop or harness skills for the construction of their own tiny house.

No matter what journey you are on Tiny House Solutions can help you on that journey, whether it be staying in Gumnut our Tiny House located in Riddells Creek, which is listed on Airbnb, or providing the materials and skills to build your own tiny house.

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