Many councils consider tiny houses on wheels as caravans and therefore treat the occupation of tiny houses in a similar way. Where the tiny house is used for permanent accommodation it is likely to be subject to local laws and planning conditions, but this is currently governed at the local council level. Whereas if you are looking to occupy the tiny house on wheels temporarily it may still be subject to some council regulations.

Across Australia the acceptance of tiny houses on wheels as a legitimate housing option is being met with varying levels of support at the local council level. Some councils are openly supporting and advocating for the inclusion of tiny houses into their housing mix, whilst others have raised concerns about the orderly placement and regulation of tiny houses to ensure occupant safety.

From these disparate positions it is obvious that the tiny house movement need to help develop siting guidelines, land tenancy, health and safety of occupants and neighbouring properties, and building regulations that support structural integrity and energy efficiency of a mobile dwelling that meet similar or refined regulations for the construction of a tiny house.

The tiny house movement can contribute to urban renewal, city growth strategies and population growth to offer alternatives to people rather than being encouraged to move to the urban fringe.
I have witnessed and been part of many discussions within councils in Victoria that have passed motions to advocate for tiny houses on wheels. They are asking the state government to take leadership in this area, which would provide consistency on siting and land tenure and that they are constructed to a national building level.

I am aware of this because I sit on a committee of local council representatives and I am in the process of revising the National Construction Code to identify how tiny houses could be built to comply with the Housing Provisions. Where it is identified that tiny houses may not be able to meet the national housing code we will be seeking appropriate amendments for tiny houses.

The interest and movement is getting such traction it appears only a matter of time when tiny houses will be appropriately recognised as a legitimate housing option.

If you want to start your Tiny House journey then Tiny House Solutions can assist you with our build your own tiny house construction and guide you on the regulatory issues for your site.

We look forward to helping you achieve greater freedom with tiny house living.

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