Have you been hearing about Tiny Houses in the media or seen them on TV and been wondering what is a Tiny House? Well let me tell you a bit about them.

A tiny house on wheels is a structure that is built to provide a shelter similar to a small home, but constructed on a trailer. They can range in size from 4m to 10m, however they can be made longer. The width is generally 2.4m and the weight should be under 4.5 tonne for transport on public roads without a permit.
The base of the trailer provides the basis for which the floor and walls are connected to. Trailers should be specifically designed to enable the house to be connected securely to withstand the structural loads when the tiny house is moved.

Generally the tiny house includes a sitting and sleeping area, a kitchen and bathroom, the house can be fitted out in numerous ways, which reflect the needs of the occupants. Typically there is a ‘grand room’, which houses the kitchen, eating and sitting areas. Another room is the bathroom and then there is the sleeping area, which may be a dedicated sleeping area either on the ground floor or a loft.

Depending on the size of the tiny house it may be suitable for 1-3 people to live in, either temporarily or permanently, however some larger families have called a tiny house their home for years.
So what about services I hear you ask, well tiny houses can be set up to be off grid with photovoltaic panels and a battery storage system, generally linked with an inverter, or they can be connected to an existing power supply. They will need access to water, either through a water supply on site, or a water tank located near the house as the size of the roof will not capture enough water for internal use. The grey wastewater generated from the occupation of the tiny house can be discharged on your land and used in the garden, where blackwater needs to undergo a high grade treatment for reuse on your land or connected and discharged to the sewer.

Cooking and hot water can be serviced by instantaneous LPG tanks or electricity but you need to understand your power demand in the rest of the house to ensure you have sufficient electricity supply.
Tiny house living is akin to living a minimalist lifestyle, which is not for everyone but it is starting to provide an important niche in the housing market.

If you are interested in Tiny House living and want the freedom that comes with it, then talk to us at Tiny House Solutions to see how we can help you achieve your dream.

trailered tiny house ready for transport
custom trailers for tiny homes