Ever wondered what the difference is between a tiny house on wheels and a caravan?


Although many councils consider tiny houses on wheels as caravans and therefore treat the occupation of tiny houses in a similar way, there are still many differences.


Where the tiny house on wheels is used for permanent accommodation it is likely to be subject to local laws and planning conditions, but this is currently governed at the local council level.


Tiny Houses on wheels can provide a more permanent residence than Caravans. They have enough space for your possessions, kitchen, bathroom, and one or two bedrooms or sleeping areas to offer you the comforts of life without being too big. Living in a caravan is like camping as it can rock around when people move about or if there’s strong wind outside.


It is true that caravans can be taken wherever you want to travel as  they are designed as a recreational vehicle, not a permanent home I

When it comes to building your tiny house on wheels, you are able to choose your materials, finishes and put your unique spin on it both externally and internally. However where you are building a tiny house on a trailer you need to  be mindful of weight considerations to ensure your tiny house stays within the allowed weight for the trailer design.. Tiny houses on wheels can also be well insulated and well performing windows installed resulting in good insulation and more thermally comfortable. 


Comfort & Freedom

Tiny Homes on wheels can bring a touch of luxury to the outdoors. They offer all sorts of features and amenities like decked areas that Caravans lack. . These smart homes not only have an abundance of space for belongings or storing food, but they also feature functional kitchens with plumbing installations as well as wet rooms as well as off the grid options if you choose.


On the other hand, a caravan can be a little less spacious (depending on the size) and can only have a basic kitchen or cooking facilities.


When it comes down to which is more comfortable, you have to question what is your plan for its use. Do you want to live in it or travel easily with it and what are you prepared to accept.  Tiny houses on wheels give you the freedom and luxury of having more space than challenges what we normally think of as home!


Aesthetics – The Design

Tiny homes on wheels on the whole can be more aesthetically appealing than a caravan because it is more customisable with design. From sleek and modern designs to rustic interior – customisation can go a long way.

Usage of tiny houses in Victoria, Australia

– Tiny Houses on wheels are perfect for people who want to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint.

-They are also ideal for those wanting to own a home sooner rather than later and escape paying rent as they are way more affordable than houses (average house price in Melbourne as of August 2021 is $1.1mil), whilst tiny houses on wheels can range from $80,000 to $150,000, albeit without land.

– Tiny houses on wheels can be suitable for many people, you can read more about whether a tiny house on wheels is right for you here 

– Tiny houses on wheels can have outdoor living spaces and porches, which can be used even in the winter months. They offer a great place to escape the cold and enjoy nature, while still being close to home. 

– Tiny houses can also be placed on  skids for moveability or connected to foundations and don’t take up a lot of space. The size of tiny houses ensures that there is less energy be used to heat or cool the tiny home and in the manufacturing of less materials, so it can be a good environmental choice.  

–  Usually people in Victoria use their caravan as a holiday home instead of a permanent residence. This way they get to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of a house on the land, but also can take their house with them if they travel!


Overall, tiny houses on wheels and caravans have a number of differences. If you are a person who values looks, comfortability, and better sustainability, then a tiny house on wheels maybe for you.

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