Video Library


This playlist features several stories of small families living in their tiny house. These videos look at their journeys about creating privacy in a small space and the role that outdoor areas play in extending the living area.


We love some of the creative solutions that people incorporate into their tiny home to make it unique to them. It might be artwork, cat or dog storage areas, cabinets for hidden TVs, netting for loft barriers and rock climbing walls, the list goes on. Use these to get some inspiration.


There is a growing number of people who are turning to tiny houses to reduce clutter and possessions in their life to live a simpler life. Perhaps they are downsizing from a large family home and garden and want to stay in the area or declutter and start fresh. No matter what the motive you can get some ideas here.

Financial freedom

Not everyone wants to be burdened with a mortgage for a traditional house and land. These videos show people making a conscious decision to create a life with more choices and live a life with more freedom.

Low mobility

These videos provide ideas on how to achieve a comfortable and responsive home to meet the needs of people with lower mobility. Or perhaps they do not want to climb stairs to get to their bed. At Tiny House Solutions we offer liveable/accessible tiny house design options.