Quality Tiny Homes

Imagine the enjoyment of really living your tiny house dream! At Tiny House Solutions we can help you achieve this dream by building a quality, safe, thermally efficient, comfortable and competitively priced tiny house and one that meets your needs and budget.

We have developed a unique construction system that allows for quick construction so you won’t have to be waiting for many months to see your tiny house come to life from design to build.

Our tiny houses are built by a registered builder and his team of tradies, so you have peace of mind in knowing that your home is built with quality at the outset.

We will work with you to create a design that meets your needs, whether it be for permanent living, holidays or for providing accommodation. And we can provide planning services to Victorian clients looking for planning approval.

Our designs and builds respond to your needs, and that may include accessible living options for those who have mobility issues at 7.2m and 8.4m, whilst other tiny houses can be constructed with lofts at 6m, 7.2m and 8.4m.

The building envelope includes:

  • specially designed trailer for a structurally insulated panel system (SIPs), or a split trailer with a subfloor, or just the subfloor (giving you budget choices)
  • trailer registration (option)
  • Structurally insulated wall and roof panels
  • insulated wall of R2.4, insulated roof panels of R4 and floor insulation of R1.4
  • thermally broken double glazed aluminium awning windows and door
  • plywood flooring, steel sheeting and timber joists
  • electrical to an approved electrical plan for certification
  • plumbing and gas fitting for certification

Sleeping: elevator or murphy bed or alternate ground floor sleeping options or loft with balustrading, stairs or ladder.

Kitchen: cabinetry and drawers, benchtops, stainless steel sink, tap mixer, 2 burner ceramic cooktop or gas hotplates or oven and rangehood and fridge.

Bathroom: composting or flushing toilet, exhaust fan, vanity basin and cupboard, shower rose, taps, mirror, shower curtain and rod, towel hangers and fibreglass cubicles, and cavity slider door. We can also create accessible bathrooms and include washing machines.

Lighting, heating and cooling: LED lights, DC reverse cycle ceiling fans and infrared heater panels.

We will provide a complete home for you, with your input during the design to meet your needs.

We can also create additional packages for off grid living and outdoor living.

Please contact us to receive our pricing sheet for the base kit and packages.

We look forward to being able to help you achieve your tiny house dream!