We love to work with companies that have products and materials that offer sustainable benefits and structural integrity. We have researched and used a range of quality products from suppliers in our tiny houses and can discuss these products with our clients.

Our tiny house include: thermally broken aluminium windows, benchtops benches, structurally insulated panels, composting toilet, eps insulation panels, plywood flooring, 12v/240watt fridge, infrared heater panels, LED lights, ceiling fan and fibreglass shower cubicle.

Fred's Tiny House Trailers


Fred’s Tiny House Trailers are delighted to be the partner supplier of trailers to Tiny House Solutions. With our Unified Construction Method™, our patent-pending design, and our commitment to making the very best and safest trailers, we were delighted to supply Janine with a custom built trailer for her first tiny house on wheels. To see it work so well as a finished product is fantastic.


Chromagen, a pioneer in the production of solar water solutions has a long history of innovation and excellence. Founded in 1962, the Chromagen brand is a major international player in thermal solar technology. Chromagen’s world-class solar hot water systems are sold to over 35.

Get hot water on demand with an eternity continuous flow gas water heater. With this advanced water heater you are assured of reliable water heating that is cheaper to operate and better for the environment.

Solarspan Bondor


“Australian builders and developers deserve a building system that is simple, quick and affordable.”

Complying with the increasing thermal and structural requirements of the Building Code of Australia has meant builders are continually adding more and more components to the build, often resulting in more trades, deliveries and greater complexity in both design and building tasks. Bondor(r) has been providing thermal building solutions for over 50 years and has developed a smarter residential building system that meets structural and thermal standards whilst simplifying the construction process. This results in a quicker build time with benefits for the builder, home owner and the environment. The InsulLiving(r) building system comprises InsulWall(r) and SolarSpan(r) roofing. This smarter innovative residential building system offers a simpler, quicker and more affordable building alternative.

Rylock Windows & Doors


Rylock has long been a specialist designer and manufacturer of the supply of double glazed windows and glass doors for improvements in energy efficiency – with a focus on building comfort.