Our Story

Tiny House Solutions was founded by ‘The Tiny House Guru’ Janine Strachan and she works with a Victorian registered builder and tiny house builder to bring her tiny houses onto the market. 

Janine Strachan

2021 HIA Australian GreenSmart Professional Award Winner

Janine is President of the Australian Tiny House Association (ATHA), an expert in Sustainable House Design and Planning, Director of Green Design Solutions and host of ‘Tips from the Tiny House Guru’ podcast.

Intrigued by an article on ‘The Little House’ in Toronto, Canada in 2006, Janine always maintained a fascination for tiny homes and their spatial design possibilities. In 2018 Janine embarked on a journey to build her own Tiny House on wheels and started Tiny House Solutions to offer tiny houses as an alternative housing solution to respond to the housing crisis and committed to changing lives one tiny house at a time.

After building her prototype and another tiny house Janine sought to work with a residential builder to build her Tiny Houses, where she specialises in assisting clients with disability and differing needs.