Our Story

Welcome to Tiny House Solutions! We are passionate about developing and advocating alternative housing options across the building industry in Australia. We are builders, consultants and activists who are here to further the Tiny House movement by providing quality, contemporary and thermally efficient tiny homes on wheels. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

– Janine, Founder and Director

Intrigued by an article on ‘The Little House’ in Toronto, Canada in 2006, Janine Strachan always maintained a fascination for tiny homes and their spatial design possibilities. Fuelled further by her time spent working at HIA, Australia’s Housing Industry Association Janine realised there were many pressures on bringing affordable housing onto the market, whilst meeting the needs of a growing and changing society.

A growing number of people are experiencing emergency accommodation, short term housing, house sharing, couch surfing, car camping and homelessness. Whilst at the same time we are witnessing: increase in new house sizes, with fewer occupants and smaller lot sizes; rise of premium apartment construction; gentrification of inner city areas; closure of public housing; rise in demand for social housing; closure of caravan parks within suburban areas; and restrictive planning and local laws that fail to embrace diverse housing options.

We need to provide a diverse housing mix that responds to our societal needs, and we need to reduce the barriers and support those seeking an alternative housing option. We need to expand the conversation with local councils, explore ways of sharing our land and housing for those needing shelter.

We are seeing and hearing about the ‘Tiny House movement’, that was initiated in the US and now gaining interest in Australia. Some common principles of the Tiny house movement are: people choosing to downsize the space they live in; live more simply in connection with their environment; reduce their reliance on living pay to pay; and to live with a lighter environmental footprint. Also sharing common goals with the Tiny House movement is the‘Minimalist’ movement’ of people decluttering their lives, living more simply, and making conscious decisions on their purchasing of goods.

Both tiny housing and minimalist living are a lifestyle choice for some in our society and it is growing, and as environmentalist’s we feel excited to see and hear of many people taking the positive step that will help to reduce their environmental footprint.