I have some exciting news! I am partnering with a registered builder to bring quality built, competitively priced tiny houses onto the market and where we will take care of the building process for you.

We will be offering a 7.2m and 8.4m accessible/liveable tiny house designs that have accessible bathrooms and alternative sleeping options, as well as tiny houses with loft options from 6m to 8.4m.

We will be offering alternate foundation options to align with your needs and budget as either a standard trailer or split trailer/subfloor system.

We are Victorian based and will initially focus on helping Victorians transition from COVID restrictions and those keen to apply for a planning permit as a secondary dwelling under the recently announced Pilot program for dwellings under 60m2. Please complete the contact form on our website to be kept upto date with our designs and pricing. https://www.tinyhousesolutions.com.au/contact-us/

Please note I will no longer be offering tiny house kits, so that I can focus on bringing quality built, safe, thermally efficient, and liveable tiny houses onto the market.