sustainable tiny house, made in Australia

Tiny Houses Melbourne

Tiny houses designed and built here in Melbourne. Made for sustainable living. Tiny home DIY kits are available for easy assembly by people who have basic handyman skills. A tiny house is practical, functional and eco-friendly. Custom designs utilise space with no waste and provide ideal small-space residential living solutions which can adapt to your changing needs.

1 Sustainably Designed

Sustainable ‘Cradle to Cradle’ consideration for every element of the home ensures minimal embodied environmental impacts.

2 Thermally Efficient

Designed for the Australian climate, thermally efficient materials provide a comfortable home for all seasons.

3 Contemporary Minimalist Style

Purposely styled with modern contemporary finishes allows you to express your own personal aesthetic.

Lifestyle Design

Designed to provide flexibility as you and your needs change. An extra bedroom, office, studio or full time living arrangement, our Tiny Home on wheels can provide both grid connected or off-grid living possibilities. Your lifestyle is your design.

AirBnB 02

Streamlined floor plan

We believe the simple things in life are often the best which is why we purposely designed our floor plan to be streamlined.

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Kitchen 01

Modern comfort

An elegant kitchen with modern appliances compliments the adjoining bathroom with latest technology amenities that enable self sufficiency in style.

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Stay AirBnB

Room to relax

Options for downstairs or loft sleeping arrangements caters to personal preferences, and offers a mixed-use loft space.

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