Tiny Homes


At Tiny House Solutions we are passionate about providing sustainably designed Tiny Homes, whilst meeting the lifestyle needs of a diverse range of clients with differing abilities.

Model 8.0


This model includes a motorised elevator bed platform, wardrobes, fold down table for eating and sitting, space for full height fridge, a pantry and plenty of bench space.

What we do

We know tiny houses and the regulations surrounding them.

Our tiny homes are built in Victoria by a registered builder. They are high quality, practical, functional, and can incorporate a variety of custom design features.

We passionately support our clients as they embark on their tiny house journey by offering a one stop shop for design, planning, building and delivery.

Your choice of tiny home

Tiny houses provide ideal independent residential living solutions, which can adapt to your changing needs. Co-designed with you to provide a complete Tiny Home ready to move to site, connect to services, decorate and move into. Opportunities for expanded outdoor living or off-grid living are also available.

We have designed 5 base models to start with that range in size from 6m – 8.4m in length, and from liveable designs with ground floor sleeping to those with lofts.

Model 6m Loft

Model 7.2m Loft

Model 8.0m Loft

Model 7.2m Liveable

Model 8.0m Liveable

Our housing solution includes the ability to:

Apply for a Planning Permit

Obtain finance for the home construction

Apply for a Building Permit

Obtain insurance for permanent dwelling

Why choose Tiny House Solutions?

  • Have a breadth of experience in Australian Tiny Houses
  • Provide you with a complete tiny house solution
  • Advise on planning and building permits
  • Offer accessible and loft designs for varying needs
  • Sustainably designed tiny houses that further reduces your environmental footprint
  • Highly experienced Design, Planning and Building team
  • Wide range of customisable options available to suit your budget
  • Finance advice available
  • Delivery service
  • Off Grid options

WhO are we?

Tiny House Solutions was founded by ‘The Tiny House Guru’ Janine Strachan and Janine works with a residential builder and tiny house builder to bring custom designed tiny homes to the market. Janine has the skills to help you realise your dream of tiny house living. 

Who are tiny homes for?

There are many more in our society who are considering alternative housing options and they include people:

  • looking for an alternative lifestyle and are environmentally conscious;
  • unable to afford the traditional home owner scenario;
  • wanting to stay close to their family or community;
  • with a disability, but wanting independence;
  • requiring temporary housing for disaster relief or staving off homelessness, or escaping domestic violence;
  • downsizing but not seeking retirement living;
  • living a transient lifestyle;
  • seeking a supplementary income;
  • wanting to share their patch of land;
  • who are aging and want a place to call their own;
  • looking for some independence in teenage years; or
  • seeking a remote escape.


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